design prodotto firma giulio masciocchi

Project selected by a jury composed of members of the management of Istituto Marangoni and Bolon and Giulio Cappellini.

“Firma” is a series of instinctive designed objects where is not possible to fully control the shape, because that is developed naturally such as a signature, without coercion or second thoughts. these proposals are drawn more than designed, the gestural component is a need and is determining to arrive at the result, like in a real signature. Focusing on the word “firma” (signature in italian) it may be noted that in its latin etymology means: defined-immovable, features of durability that is correct to associate with the Bolon material and the steel, creating a product that signing through the time his presence. These series have a visual contrast between the thin and sleek profile that turns into a soft colored wall of Bolon material.

Project on display in the exhibition “Bolon · variations from material to product” in the fuorisalone 2014, selected by the ability to reinterpret the innovative material Bolon, normally used for flooring, and create new products and accessories.