Giulio Masciocchi, Designer

At least two souls live inside Giulio Masciocchi’s body: the creative dreamer and the detailed designer and entrepreneur.

Gifted with a disposition of an insatiable curiosity for people and novelty, he has a strong sense of observation that leads him to appreciate distinctive moments and things.

Thanks to the deep understanding of the needs of his clients, he loves to find simple solutions to intricate problems without losing sight of context and shared objectives. His interdisciplinary approach then allows him to propose a comprehensive vision of the project supported by the transversal skills of his team.

Lover of refined, balanced and eclectic taste he dares to experiment with original solutions that anticipate fashion and trends chasing a timeless beauty.

Giulio Masciocchi is all this and much more… you just have to get in the game and try to figure it out for yourself.