Giulio Masciocchi offers creative consulting, design and performance that provides an indepth analysis of the product, service or brand that you want to develop, modify or create.

The aim of creative counselling is to come up with a series of coordinated actions aimed at achieving significant results at a specified time. By providing solutions.
The most varied design projects are managed, from the initial phase of “Concept Design” up to the final phase of assistance in the production phase; including all intermediate steps, working closely with marketing and communication departments defining design

The encounter with the client is essential to understand the needs and set the goal to be achieved. It aims to study and analyze the business sector and the target audience, thus identifying the values that make each client unique.
The development of ideas comes from a constant contagion of complementary areas and skills, combined with passion, innovation and design.
Passion leads to choosing and transforming ideas into successes, building a lasting and satisfying relationship based on trust and mutual growth.

Meta-Project Phase

  • Analysis of the client’s company, study of products and trends.
  • Design research (production techniques, materials, competitors and trendsetters).

Creative Phase

  • Development of design concepts/drafts (variants of aesthetic and functional proposals).
  • Project definition, rendering, material definition, colours and finishes.

Technical Phase

  • Technical design (dimensional drawings and technical charts).
  • Prototype, sampling and production assistance.

Additional Services

  • Naming, logo design, packaging and graphics.
  • Photo product and dedicated website.
  • Interior design.
  • Product design.
  • Event design.
  • Service design.
  • New businesses.
  • Textile design.
  • Fashion design.
  • Accessories design.