Articolo pubblicato su Queen’s Five Magazine.


“…Born in Como in 1990, Giulio Masciocchi is now named among the most prominent and talented young Italian designers. With only 26 years, he already works in various creative fields and for the biggest designer homes like Versace, Glassing, eyewear and other private projects. With the Italian brand Glassing (, he designed sunglasses preferred by celebrities like Anna Dello Russo, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kortney Kardashian and many other. His projects were published in the leading design magazines like Domus, Elle Decor and Grazia. Among his biggest and the most renown projects can be named a model project photographed by Italian Maestro Aldo Fallai, the pictures of which were used for advertising and at the legendary exhibition “From Giorgio Armani to Renaissance” and his innovative deck-chair “Xylem”, which was at the center of “Salone Satellite” dedicated to the design  proposals of young designers under 35. It all started in 2009 when Giulio graduated from Instituto Tecnico Scientifico in Graphics and Communication and decided to move to London to work and experiment in the Westcott-Design Studio.
This experience changed his world and when he came back to Italy he graduated cum laude from Maragoni Institute in Milan, specializing in product design.  His designer projects are so diverse and unique that he can truly express himself in a wide range of creative fields: from fashion and art to interior design. He is passionate about his work and he doesn’t limit himself with merely designer projects, he also writes articles about design and fashion in the main Italian magazines and newspapers like Corriere della Sera and La Repubblica.
What inspires Giulio for his works? Everybody and everything in his everyday life. Even though his origins go back to his family’s business in textile industry, he’s become the first real artist among his relatives. During his life he was curious about everything happening around him, and took inspiration from every detail. There is no just one person, who taught him everything, it’s all about his everyday life, his experiences, his friends and colleagues who inspire him to create and set new trends. He grew up with lots of visual stimuli and prints, in a very picturesque place (you know Lake Como is famous not only for the beautiful nature surrounding it, but there are also many famous people who chose to have a villa by the lake, like George Clooney for instance).
At the age of 19, when he moved to London to continue his work as a textile designer in the Westscott-Design studio, he came up with the craziest idea of his life: he bought 3 London cabs. This experience led him think that even the most insane ideas can be realized when one is determined about something. He thinks that a thought becomes an idea when it’s feasible, otherwise it’s just a dream. He is not making lots of plans for the future and prefers to work and live day by day, embracing the idea of new opportunities and challenges. There are, though, two major projects he’s starting to work at in the near future. One is for an Indian luxury design company of marble flooring, where he’s going to be a designer and an art director. The other one is a textile design project for a sophisticated, artistic audience in the mass market. Therefore, Giulio just enlarged his studio and opened a new brand named “G.DISEGNI”, where 2 young and talented girls are supporting his new business and textile designs.  His true dream is to travel around Europe on his camper van, keeping to work as a designer, continuing to create and design  anything and anywhere.
“There is no such thing as an original idea any more, it’s just looking through a different lens and presenting it in a different way” – these words of Mr. Rothschild, Giulio believes are the best starting point for those who are thinking about a career as a designer…”